…About the Yestertunes “Charles Anderson Chart Collection”.  Here's some info to get us started.

Beginning in 1935, the late Charles B. Anderson gathered over 7000 complete orchestrations of popular music from 1885 to the present era. I have added substantially to that since 1999. There are fourteen lists plus a separate list of the latest Additions   Chuck Anderson never computerized the lists so I've just started doing it. They are divided by front-line instrumentation of brass and reeds,   e. g., 8/5 means eight brass (4 each tpts and tbns) and five saxes, plus rhythm.  They are also divided by vintage and style of music.

Decide what instrumentation and eras of the 20th Century’s popular music you’d like to see. I’ll need that info and snail-mail address with your check, and we’ll give it a try.