Music has been an important part of my life.  Interest in historic American popular music led me to form a company called YesterTunes in 1996 under which I conduct many musical activities as displayed on this website, the main one being archivist of the 8000 orchestrations of the Charles Anderson Chart Collection.

     Piano lessons from ages three to thirteen gave me a formative musical background.  I took up ukulele, tenor banjo and guitar in early teen years (they’re easier to take to parties).  In Oak Park (IL) H.S. and Purdue University, I sang in choirs and small groups and led an eighty-voice chorus for two years.

     While earning a mechanical engineering degree from Purdue, I played banjo and recorded with the Salty Dogs Jazz band, then a decade old.  In 1997, it was my honor to be coordinator and grand marshal of that still-existing band’s 50th Anniversary Reunion and Concerts.  As a Salty Dog, I played alongside several illustrious artists including Darnell Howard, Lizzie Miles and the legendary Baby Dodds.  More recently, I played for three years with the late Rosy McHargue, born in 1902, who had played steadily in nine decades and was a great personal friend and influence.

     Seven years as a naval engineering duty officer followed college, then 33 years as a sales engineer, the last 24 with my own manufacturers’ representative corporation. I retired at 62 to pursue musical activities fulltime. These days, I play and sing with several Dixieland bands, and enjoy membership in the National Sheet Music Society, the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors and Banjos Unlimited. I'm on the board of the American Federation of Jazz Societies.

     Janey and I were married in 1977.  Between us, we have five kids and eleven grandchildren (photos above).  Our volunteer activities are with our city, library district and church. Travel takes its share of our leisure time and budget, often to visit jazz fans around the world whom we’ve discovered through e-mail as sharing a love of music. Visitors to this site are invited to join that growing circle of new friends.