“I’ll See You In C-U-B-A”

“There’s gold in your piano bench”, says Marion Short, a friend who has authored a series of books under that banner. We both belong to the National Sheet Music Society founded in 1954. The slogan of that worldwide organization gives insight into why sheet-music collecting appeals to me: “A Nation’s Story is Told in its Songs.”

     Nearly every category of the human experience has appeared on the covers of songs: love; war; sorrow; home; loneliness; wealth; poverty; comedy; tragedy; beauty; ethnicity; rapture; and lust.  Is there any statement called-for that isn’t already expressed in a song title?

     May I take you along on a tour of popular song as pictured on sheet-music covers?

Sheet Music Links:

Farber Antiques

Covers for Sale - Jeannette Fannucchi’s EJ Originals stock 50,000 covers for sale at fair prices. ejoriginals@earthlink.net

Paul Riseman - On-screen site for sheet-music and 78-rpm record auctions and sales.

ISU Music Library’s Kirk Collection of sheet-music - See also UCLA, Johns Hopkins, Rutgers and Tulane.

LA Public Library - The LA Public Library has faxed me many tunes I needed from their large collection.  Check your city’s libraries, too.